Code of ethics


This code establishes moral and ethical norms, principles and standards of conduct for "VLADPLAST" LTD employees in accordance with the general company values, set out in the General company policy as basis for prosperity of the company and all its employees.

The purpose of the Ethical Code is to encourage and foster the ideal of serving the society through educating high ethical standards in business, recognizing the worthiness of any useful occupation, as well as the desire of every employee to protect his name, the name of his profession and that of "VLADPLAST" LTD.

The Code of Ethics is a system of moral and ethical norms and rules that all company employees, including the temporary staff, voluntarily undertake to abide by and respect.

Rules of Conduct

General Rules of Conduct

Company's employees must comply with the following rules of conduct in the performance of their duties:

  • 1. Unconditional compliance with and respect for the primacy of law, protection of the integral, universal values of human dignity, freedom, equality and solidarity.
  • 2. Any actions contrary to the laws or the good commercial practice are unacceptable, regardless of the reasons underlying them. Good intentions do not justify the commission of illegal acts.
  • 3. The workers/employees must avoid any action that is, or could possibly be characterized as diminishing the reputation of "VLADPLAST" LTD.
  • 4. Compliance with legal requirements is the foundation of ethical business conduct. Although the employees are not expected to be familiar in details with all applicable laws, they must be familiar with the basic rules, concerning their field of activity, and in case of doubt to seek assistance from their superior.
  • 5. Contractual agreements are considered to be fully binding. It is unacceptable to exercise authority over a subcontractor or a supplier for the purpose of not fulfilling a condition under the contract or for the execution of an action that is not a part of the contractual obligations of the subcontractor or the supplier.
  • 6. Any thought, statement or action of "VLADPLAST" LTD employees, both in their personal and professional life, is guided by the following four questions, governing the ethical standards of the individual:
    • Is it the truth?
    • Is it fair to all concerned?
    • Will it build goodwill and better friendships?
    • Will it be beneficial to all concerned?

Intracompany Conduct

  • 1. The relations of "VLADPLAST" LTD employees are subject only to the interests of the company. They follow the established rules for positive attitude, honesty, respecting the honor and dignity of the individual.
  • 2. The employees are equal in their communication with each other. Their attitude is based on trust, tolerance, ethics and mutual assistance. Professional and personal disagreements are not subject of public controversy.
  • 3. No attitude is allowed that undermines the personal dignity and honor of any individual worker.
  • 4. The "VLADPLAST" LTD employees:
    • Respect the hierarchy in the course of their official relations;
    • Seek objectivity and impartiality in decision-making;
    • Take responsibility for their actions;
    • Encourage feedback in each activity and at any work posion;
    • Seek and accept advice and opinions, given by others;
    • Actively participate in solving company’s problems;
    • Tolerate free communication between manager and employee;
    • Establish and maintain collegial relations within the teams;
    • Do not use their position in the company to gain any advantage or benefit for themselves or for their relatives;
    • Strive to be organized in their thoughts and actions;

It is unethical to file unfounded complaints and make defamatory statements about company's employees. Their public statements aim objectivity and truth.

Personal Conduct

In performing their duties and in their public life, "VLADPLAST" LTD employees behave so as not to erode the prestige of the company, and:

  • 1. Perform properly their duties and obligations towards the company.
  • 2. Develop themselves and the people around them, and in the course of this process determine what is important, what is crucial and what is inappropriate. Do not threaten and violate the rights of their colleagues and business partners.
  • 3. Condemn all forms of direct and indirect discrimination.
  • 4. They cannot receive personal benefits (except the remuneration from the company) for any activity or service, undertaken by and on behalf of the company. They cannot accept money or gifts except when these gifts are promotional materials.
  • 5. They are honest in their relations with partners and competitors.
  • 6. They use company's proprietary information only in relation with performing their duties for "VLADPLAST" LTD. They protect company's intellectual property and that of company's business partners. Relations must ensure confidentiality of our business and that of our partners.
  • 7. They preclude any personal interest towards business partners or competitors and do not get involved in any transactions, which are inconsistent with their position, functions and duties.
  • 8. They comply with the Labor Code and the healthy and safe work environment standards, observe the laws, governing company's operations, as well as the internal rules, adopted by the company.

Relationships with business partners

  • 1. This Code ensures the implementation of transparent and open policy in company's activities.
  • 2. Competition is protected and encouraged, feelings of confidence are built among the shareholders, business partners and the public.
  • 3. It encourages the fight against all forms of corruption and personal gain.
  • 4. Company's employees participate and get involved in negotiations with business partners with a positive tone, in accordance with the generally accepted principles and norms of correctness, paying due respect to the partner without signs of unacceptable aggression. They are positive in their actions and attitudes.

Management’s Commitment

  • 1. The management is committed to implement in the highest degree and to organize competently the implementation of these shared general company values in conditions of transparency, dialogue and free exchange of opinions, ideas and suggestions in accordance with the requirements for the good worker, specialist and manager at "VLADPLAST" LTD.
  • 2. It will take all necessary actions to ensure the highest standards of quality, health and safety at work, environmental protection, human capital development and transparent cooperation with all interested parties both inside the company and outside it.
  • 3. It observes the principle of transparency and disclosure of commitments as a component of the ISO quality management system, environment and safety and health at work standards.
  • 4. It recognizes its responsibility for making the employees feel valued by respecting their personal dignity, encouraging their strengths and creating a sense of job security.
  • 5. It gives all employees equal opportunities for professional fulfillment, contribution and development, by objective and fair assessment of obtained results.
  • 6. It develops leadership qualities. Leadership is to learn how to motivate, influence and coach others.
  • 7. It stimulates personal initiative, develops personality and works to increase the motivation of staff, including fair and adequate remuneration.
  • 8. It encourages the sense of collegial respect, trust and loyalty to the company, without tolerating acts contrary to the shared policies and values.
  • 9. It shows zero tolerance to all forms of irresponsibility, hypocrisy, envy, gossip, lying, laziness, negligence, villainy, toadyism by adhering to the motto: "It's good to be someone important, but more important is to do good job at the position you take at the company."
  • 10. It ensures protection of personal data and any confidential private information of company's employees, which may have become known in the course of, or in connection with the performance of their duties, not allowing invasion of privacy.
  • 11. It ensures respect for all human rights and freedoms of the individual in the course of or in connection with the performance of duties.
  • 12. It conducts a policy of open communication for the purpose of future improvement and development of this Code, general company policy and culture.

Additional provisions

The regulations of this Code are a voluntary moral and ethical obligation of conduct of "VLADPLAST" LTD employees. Upon initially taking up his duties, the immediate superior is obliged to make the employee/worker familiar with the provisions of this code, presenting him the following declaration to affix his signature upon: "Being guided by moral and ethical principles of conduct in my actions, I understand and agree to abide by this Ethical Code."

Company's employees are required to comply with the provisions of this Code and to keep themselves informed by the management of any corrections and amendments to its provisions.

The provisions of this Code shall apply as long as they do not conflict with the Labour Code and other legislation in force.