Quality control

Quality control of production

"VLADPLAST" production complies entirely with the adopted standards of the European Union.

We provide quality control and monitoring at every stage of our production from the supply of raw materials to production and shipment of the finished products.

We have a laboratory for quality control of plastic products, equipped with TESA MH3D 454 3-coordinate measuring machine, as well as with all known universal measuring devices.

In December 2006 "VLADPLAST" LTD was initially certified under the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system standard.

"VLADPLAST" LTD works for the creation of a cleaner world and a happy living.

Quality Control Certificate

Quality assurance policy

The quality assurance policy of "VLADPLAST" is a part of company's general policy and strategy. It is based on analysis of market needs, the expectations and demands of all interested parties and the satisfaction level, as well as the needed resources and improvements for the successful implementation of the vision and strategy of "VLADPLAST" LTD.

The management of the company develops its quality assurance policy, driven by the belief that prosperity and its future depend on trust and customer satisfaction, on maintaining and improving the high quality of our products and services.

For the implementation of its Policy, the management has defined the following measurable objectives:

  • Expansion and optimization of the held market share in the sphere of offered products and services.
  • Continuous research and customer satisfaction in order to offer products and services with guaranteed quality.
  • Increase of the economic effectiveness of the company.

To achieve the objectives, efforts are focused on implementing the following activities:

  • Development of a flexible marketing policy.
  • Employment of highly qualified professionals.
  • Effective use of available materials, human and financial resources in order to offer competitive products and services.
  • Effective management through rational use of equipment's capability, providing continuous improvements of infrastructure and processes, providing and maintaining safety, health and work environment that complies with the hygiene requirements.

The policy of "VLADPLAST" LTD is achieved through:

  • Compliance with national, European and international standards and regulations.
  • Developed and implemented ISO 9001:2008 quality management system, as well as other systems, as required by customers
  • Maintaining partnership and mutually beneficial relationships with company suppliers, allowing to satisfy customer requirements, meet the deadlines and all other conditions under the concluded contracts.
  • Commitment to people - creating a nice work environment for its employees, resulting in mutual trust, continuous training and skill development, work in compliance with security, health and safety requirements, commitment to quality and accomplishing the tasks assigned.

The management of "VLADPLAST" is convinced that the company staff is aware of the role of quality and work safety for the future development and prosperity of the Company, believes in the strength and abilities of all employees, values the contribution of each person to the implementation of the quality assurance policy and health and safety.